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    Shandong Sanjian Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.


    Shandong Sanjian Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2001,owns real estate development grade A qualifaction.Sticking to scientific development and quality building,it has developed about 20 residential projects like Yinyuan,Jixiang Yuan,Ruyi Yuan,Huifu ShanZhuang,Hongshan Yuan,Donghe Yuan,and Yulin Jiayuan,as well as some business projects like Shandong Post Building,Sanjian Confucius Culture Building,Ruifu Yuan business street,and Qixing Jixiang Buliding.

    So far today,the company is a national well-known and provincially influential real estate developer supported by Shandong Government,and Jinan Overall Credit Evaluation AAA Real Estate Developer.

    Its projects,Jixiang Yuan,Yin Yuan and Ruyi Yuan,are certified as AA housing performance building by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.Jixiang Yuan won the first Guangsha Award-China’s top prize in real estate industry granted by Ministry of Housing and Uran-Rual Development.Sanjian Huifu Shanzhuang was honored China Best Ten Green Residential Buildings.

    The company actively participates in urban upgrading.It developed Ruifu Yuan and Heping Jiayuan housing projects in rundown urban areas.In 2015,it mapped out a pattern on north Jinan.The company developed Sanjian Ruijing Yuan,a fine decorated health and ecology-oriented residential property,which led the upgrading of housing quality in the north of the city.In 2017,the company successfully acquired Jiyang proper transfer project occupying 400,000 square meters,making outstanding contributions to Jinan Prior Zone For Replacing Old Growth Driver With New Ones.

    Sanjian Real Estate responses to national policies,sticks to entrepreneurship and innovation,keeps renewing its ideas and designing,and strictly controls quality.As an outstanding urban constructor and good life builder,with the ingenuilty of architecture and the constant trust of responsibility,Shandong Sanjian Real Estate will continuously contribute to the city development.

    Tel:+86 531 58796167 

    Marketing Department+86 531 58796166


    Address:No.36 Qilihe Rd, Jinan,Shandong.

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