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  • Culture

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    • 1
      Our Spirit
      One Family One Goal One Mind
    • 2
      Our Purpose
      We care about the growth of our employess,and our staff care about our development.Let the staff share the achievements of our company.
    • 3
      Our Vision
      Embrace the new times   Develop a new Sanjian GroupBuild a trustworthy company   Build a century-old brand
    • 4
       Our Mission
      Strive for excellence and conribute to society
    • 5
      Our Working Principles
      A project casts a monument;a batch of projects make a group of friends.
    • 6
      Our Career Responsibility
      The rise and fall of Sanjian Group is everybody's concern.
    • 7
      Our Values
      Trustworthiness,innovation,unity and striving.
    • 8
       Our Business Philosophy
      High quality and low cost;satety ensurance and environmentally aware.
    • 9
       Our Work Style
      Pursue rightness,uphold justice,be diligent and honest,work pragmatically and efficiently.
    • 10
      Our Standards Of Behavior
      Learn form the people with higher talents.Set the men with integrity as role models.Don't flaunt when succeed.Take responsibilites when fail.
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